There were 964 fatal traffic crashes in Tennessee during 2017, plus 50,196 crashes resulting in injuries and 157,066 crashes with property damage more than $400.

There were 116 ATV traffic crashes in reported in Tennessee in 2017 - crashes involving vehicles that are not street-legal and not designed for highway use. Thse included 8 fatal crashes, 83 crashes resulting in injuries and 25 crashes with property damage more than $400.

Traffic crashes involving agricultural machinery and vehicles in Tennessee do occur, but statistics are not published.

Operating agricultural equipment and farm vehicles on public roads may be the greatest liability risk facing most farmers. Large, heavy, slow-moving vehicles such as farm machinery are not expected by most motorists. And, when cars collide with agricultural machinery the results can be devastating, physically and economically. Even if the operator of theteh farm machinery is doing everything correctly, litigation can be expected.

To minimize the risks of injuries and property damage when operating any equipment on public roads, ALWAYS follow these basic guidelines:
  • Never operate any agricultural equipment on roads at night
  • Always have operating lights and clean slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblems on agricultural equipment
  • Always have a proper safety chain on towed equipment, trsailers and wagons
  • Always have an escort vehicle with flashers on leading over-width equipment (over 8 1/2 feet wide)
  • Always wear the seat belt on machinery that has ROPS
  • Pull over occassionally to let slower traffic safely pass
  • Be absolutely certain that your insurance policy provides liability protection for agricultural equipment that is operated on lublic roads
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