Farming is a unique occupation and presents numerous opportunities for injuries, illnesses and deaths to occur. Some of the unique aspects of farming are:
  • the home and workplace typically combined
  • all members of a family - children to elderly - may have responsibilities in the business
  • agriculture does not adhere to a 8-hour workday in a controlled environment
  • farm owners and their immediate families are not employees, and are exempt from occupational safety and health regulations
  • agriculture involves working with large animals, hazardous chemicals, unpredictable weather, financial management and stress, and powerful industrial equipment that happens to be mobile, any of which can contribute to an injury or illness
Agricultural occupations experience among the highest injury and death rates of any industry.
What would the cost to your farm and family be if you were injured, disabled or killed due to a mishap on your farm? According to NIOSH, the average cost of an occupational injury is estimated to be $xx,000, and the average cost of a work-related death is $xxx,000. Click here for more Farm Injury Statistics.
The Tennessee Agricultural Safety and Health Program is a partnership of the following organizations:
UT Extension​
TSU Cooperative Extension

University of Tennessee - College of Nursing

University of Kentucky - College of Nursing
​Tennessee Farmers Coop

​Tennessee Farm Bureau
​Tennessee Department of Agriculture
​USDA - Farm Services Agency
​USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service