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The Tennessee Youth Livestock program offers many opportunities for youth to exhibit dairy cattle throughout the state.  Check out the 'Events' information to view upcoming beef cattle events. In addition, youth may participate in dairy judging competitions, skillathon contest, 4-H Project Achievement, and Dairy Quiz Bowl, and June dairy month poster.  For more information, browse our web page or contact your local UT Extension Agent.




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4-H State Dairy Show


State 4-H Dairy Show
Tennessee Livestock Center - MTSU
Murfreesboro Tennessee
October 16-17, 2020

2019 Results

State Dairy Show Results
Premier Exhibitor Results
Skillathon Results

Notes of Interest

  1. Cattle should not be on the MTSU grounds before 4:00 PM Thursday.
  2. Bedding must be shavings only, no straw.
  3. Tennessee Dairy Expo will provide exhibitors with an initial bedding of shavings.  They are being purchased in bulk and available for you to spread in your tie area.  MTSU will have additional shavings for sale or you may bring your own.    
  4. No required arrival time, but cattle not checked in by 8:00 PM, Friday will assumed to not be coming to the show and not be included in the show program.
  5. Showmanship will be open to all participants in the state show.  

Dairy Cattle Capers

Dairy Cattle Capers, is a costume class for your heifer or cow, as well as the exhibitor. This can be an individual effort or team up with your friends for a group project. No overall theme, just use your creativity. The following criteria will be used for judging.

  1. How well does your costume and theme promote dairying or dairy products? 35%
  2. Cleverness and originality of costume. 35%
  3. How well does the costume of the animal and exhibitor complement each other? 20%
  4. Control and cooperation of animal. 10%


1st Place: $100.00 

2nd Place: $50.00 

3rd–5th Place: $25.00