4-H Poultry

The Tennessee 4-H Livestock program offers many opportunities for 4-Her's to learn about poultry production.  The county-based "Chick Chain" program gives youth the opportunity to get hands on with chickens and learn about animal agriculture.  In addition, youth may participate in poultry judging competitions and the 4-H Project Achievement.  For more information, browse our webpage or contact your local UT Extension Agent.


What's Going On

Chick Chain Project 

Participants in the 4-H Chick Chain receive either 12 or 25 baby chicks in the spring. They are required to house, feed, and care for them properly. Later in the year they bring some of their pullets to the Poultry Show and Sale. These pullets are then judged and auctioned. The remaining pullets are the  4-H member's to keep. Besides prize money and ribbons that are awarded based on the quality of the pullets, 4-H members gain important skills from having the responsibility of caring for their animals.

For more information about the Chick Chain Project, contact your county Extension office.


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