4-H Swine

The Tennessee 4-H Livestock program offers many opportunities for 4-Her's to exhibit swine throughout the state.  Check out the 'Events' information to view upcoming swine events.  In addition, youth may participate in livestock judging competitions, skillathon contests, and 4-H Project Achievement.  For more information, browse our web page or contact your local UT Extension Agent.



Show Information

Ownership Deadline: October 20

Ear Tagging Deadline: November 5


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Hog Show Photo Contest​

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Youth Pork Quality Assurance


All youth exhibitors​ at the State Market Hog Show must be Youth Pork Quality Assurance Certified. The Youth Pork Quality Assurance Plus program has two major educational components: Food Safety and Animal Well‐Being.  Exhibitors for the TN Market Hog Show need to be certified by January 9, 2017.

Youth can receive training by two methods; 1) a traditional face to face training with a certified Youth PQA Plus training advisor or 2) via online training. For the agents and ag teachers that are certified as a Youth Pork Quality Assurance Plus advisor, you should be ready to go with the training for the youth that need to be certified or recertified.  For online training, use the following link:  http://www.pork.org/youth-pqa-plus/  .

Youth 8-11 years of age (Beginner) must recertify annually by attending an approved Youth PQA Plus education program. Exhibitors 12-14 years of age (Intermediate) and 15-19 years of age (Advanced) can certify/recertify for one year by attending an approved Youth PQA Plus education program OR can certify by completing and passing and examination at the appropriate age level. To certify by examination, a minimum of 70 percent of questions must be correctly answered. Certificates by examination are not to exceed three years. 

Once certified by examination, the youth is not required to recertify in Youth PQA Plus until the next age level is reached. However, certification by examination is not to exceed three years. For example: In the Advanced group, a 15-year old who passes an examination would need to recertify after a period of three years, despite not having reached another age level. 

When youth reach the next age level or exceed the certification period of three years, they can either attend a Youth PQA Plus training class or take the appropriate examination at their new age level. Certification by examination is valid for a minimum of one year. but will not exceed three years. If you have any questions about your exhibitors' certification, just contact Dr. Dwight Loveday.

For the agents that would like to certify as an YPQA Plus Advisor, please send me your name, address, phone, email and date of birth. At that time I will submit the information to the National Pork Board and they will enter your name in the database and provide you the instructions for completing training for certification. After completing the training and examination, you will be qualified to teach, certify (enter youth information) and print certification certificates for the youth you certified. Your certification is good for three years.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. H. Dwight Loveday
Phone: (865) 974-7344
Email: hloveday@tennessee.edu