​Bull Testing Program

The Bull Test Station is located at the Middle Tennessee Research & Education Center and in cooperation with Tennessee Extension.  Data on individual bulls will be available prior to the sale, and prospective buyers may view bulls at the annual Open House, as well as on a video that will be made available across the state during the sale so that prospective buyers need not travel to Spring Hill for the actual sale. 

Purpose of the Bull Testing Station: (a) To provide a standard, impartial post-weaning gain test that will furnish records which will be useful to the consignor in his breeding program; (b) To provide a source of and market for completely performance tested bulls; and (c) To serve as an educational tool to beef cattle improvement and promotion.

Consignor's Information

2017-2018 84 Day Sr Bull Testing Program

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Sale Information

Individual Videos per Lot Number for Sale
Junior Bull Sale Catalog 
Ultrasound data for Junior Bull Sale

Bull Test Station Senior Bull Sale Catalog 
Complete Senior Bull Test Video
Individual Videos per Lot Number
Senior Bull Sale Results

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Sr Bulls Testing Schedule

​Birthdates ​9/1/2016 - 12/20/2016
​Nomination Deadline August 1, 2017
​Delivery ​August 22, 2017
​On Test ​September 4 & 5, 2017
​28 Day Weight ​October 3, 2017
​56 Day Weight ​October 31, 2017
​Off Test ​November 27 & 28, 2017
​Sale ​To Be Announced

Jr Bulls Testing Schedule

​Nomination Deadline
​On Test
​28 Day Weight
​56 Day Weight​
​Off Test