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Dr. Cheryl Kojima 


Dr. Cheryl J. Kojima

Associate Professor Undergraduate Coordinator






Ph.D., University of Missouri, Animal Science, 1997

B.S., Cornell University, Animal Science, 1988


Appointment: 25% Research | 75% Teaching

Professional Interest: Physiological Genetics and Genomics


Dr. Kojima images 
Dr. Kojima’s research is focused on elucidating pathways of gene expression adversely affected by stress of weaning and obesity in the pig. The process of weaning can be detrimental to growth, immune function, and overall well-being of the young pig. Through understanding what happens during weaning at the molecular level to influence appetite and immune function, her laboratory aims to develop new strategies to minimize the negative effects of weaning thereby increasing overall well-being and production efficiency in swine. Obesity-related research is also being conducted using the Sinclair minipig, which is an excellent model for studying human physiological responses to obesity including cardiovascular disease, insulin insensitivity, and inflammation. Currently Dr. Kojima is using the minipig model to discern the effects of Omega-3 fatty acids on adipocyte-mediated inflammation, with particular interest in how various adipose depots differ in their response to Omega-3 supplementation.


Selected Publications

  • Bastin, B. C., A. Houser, C. P. Bagley, K. M. Ely, R. R. Payton, A. M. Saxton, F. N. Schrick, J. C. Waller, and C. J. Kojima. 2014. A polymorphism in XKR4 is significantly associated with serum prolactin concentrations in beef cows grazing endophyte-infected tall fescue. Animal Genetics,45(3): 439-441.

  • Campbell, B. T., C. J. Kojima, T. A. Cooper, B. C. Bastin, L. Wojakiewicz, R. L. Kallenbach, F. N. Schrick, and J. C. Waller. 2014. A single nucleotide polymorphism in the dopamine receptor D2 gene may be informative for resistance to fescue toxicosis in Angus-based cattle. Animal Biotechnology 25(1):1-12.

  • Hamill, J. J., J. J. Sunderland, A. K. LeBlanc, C. J. Kojima, J. Wall, and E. B. Martin. 2013. Evaluation of CT-based lean-body SUV. Medical Physics, 40(9):092504.

  • Pighetti, G. M., C. J. Kojima, M. Rambeaud, and L. Wojakiewicz. 2012. The bovine CXCR1 gene is highly polymorphic. Veterinary Immunology Immunopathology, 2012 Jan 15;145(1-2):464-70. PMID 22056270.

  • Cooper, T. A., Jenkins, S. J., L. Wojakiewicz, H. G. Kattesh, and C. J. Kojima. 2011. Effects of weaning and syndyphalin-33 on expression of melanocortinergic appetite-regulating genes in swine. Domest Anim Endocrinol. 40(3):165-72.

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