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Dr. Elizabeth Eckelkamp
Dairy Extension Specialist Assistant Professor 



2506 River Drive
244 Brehm Animal Science Building
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996
Phone: (865) 974-8167
Fax: (865) 974-7297


Ph.D., University of Kentucky, Animal & Food Science, 2017

M.S., University of Kentucky, Animal & Food Science, 2013

B.S., Louisiana State University, Animal Science, 2012

Appointment:  100% Extension


Professional Interest

As an Extension Specialist, I provide research-based tools, technologies, and suggestions to maximize farm efficiency. As part of this goal, I provide continuing education training through county-based Extension Agents, producer groups, and on-farm. Most of my extension expertise focuses on facilities, precision dairy technologies, and animal health.  I also work closely with producers to address current and emerging issues. Additionally, I conduct applied research to generate on-farm practices to improve a farm's efficiency. Currently, my research is focusing on the economics associated with early disease detection on-farm.

I also coordinate and provide curricula for the Tennessee Master Dairy Producer Program certification classes with support from county-based Extension Agents and other dairy professionals. You can find more information on this program and our extension resources on our UT Dairy​ website.



Selected Publications

  • Eckelkamp, E. A. 2019. "Invited Review: Current state of wearable precision dairy technologies in disease detection." Appl. Anim. Sci. 35.2: 209-220.

  • Bewley, J. M., L. M. Robertson, and E. A. Eckelkamp. 2017. "A 100-Year Review: Lactating dairy cattle housing management." J. Dairy Sci. 100.12: 10418-10431.

  • Eckelkamp, E. A., J. L. Taraba, K. A. Akers, R. J. Harmon, and J. M. Bewley. 2016. Sand bedded freestall and compost bedded pack effects on cow hygiene, locomotion, and mastitis indicators. Livest. Sci. 190:48-57. 

  • Eckelkamp, E. A., J. L. Taraba, K. A. Akers, R. J. Harmon, and J. M. Bewley. 2016. Understanding compost bedded pack barns: Interactions among environmental factors, bedding characteristics, and udder health. Livest. Sci. 190:35-42. 

  • Eckelkamp, E. A., C. N. Gravatte, C. O. Coombs, and J. M. Bewley. 2014. Case study: Characterization of lying behavior in dairy cows transitioning from a freestall barn with pasture access to a compost bedded pack barn without pasture access. Prof. Anim. Sci. 30(1):109-113.

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