Graduate Program: Current Students

Meet our Graduate Director, Committee, Graduate Research Faculty and Current Students!  

A high-quality graduate education is very much dependent upon a strong commitment, resourcefulness and high standards of achievement. In a sense, a student's graduate mentor (i.e., major professor), graduate advisory committee, coursework and research problem serve simply to facilitate graduate education. As such, graduate students should set for themselves a standard of excellence, make as much use of the aforementioned available "facilitators" as is possible and, in so doing, make the most of their graduate education.   

Graduate students are expected to be aware of and satisfy all regulations governing their work and study at the university. Material delineated in the most current issues of the Animal Science Graduate Student Handbook and Graduate Catalog describes the minimum requirements as established by The University of Tennessee Graduate School and The Department of Animal Science Graduate Committee. It is important to note however, that meeting these minimum requirements will not necessarily constitute a high quality graduate education. The onus of responsibility for this rests firmly upon the graduate student.  

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