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UT Equine Extension & Research Center 

The UT Equine Extension & Research Center, located in Spring Hill TN, is home to the Horse Farm Management and Water Quality Improvement project demonstration farm, which showcases water quality best management practices (BMPs) for horse farms. Poorly managed and degraded pastures contribute significantly to Tennessee’s surface water pollutant loads of sediment, nutrients, and pathogens. Educational programs at the UT Equine Extension and Research Center and the three partnering farms, address horse farm best management practices (BMPs) to promote the overall welfare of horses and protect the environment by improving water quality.  


 Tennessee Master Horse Program 

The Tennessee Master Horse Program is an educational program designed for equine owners, enthusiasts and industry members alike. The program uses a combination of classroom discussion and hands-on teaching to cover a wide variety of equine-related topics. The Tennessee Master Horse Program will be delivered within each region of Tennessee during 2016.   

The driving force behind the Tennessee Master Horse Program is to raise the level of education on equine-related topics and improve overall success of horse owners and producers within the state of Tennessee. By providing science-based, objective information families, youth, and the community can generate or continue to build upon their existing knowledge base.  Register for more information at UTHorse

UT Horse

Visit our website to learn more about equine programs, educational resources and much more at UTHorse.com! Make sure to take time to learn about the Tennessee Equine Census and register to have your horse or farm counted. Browse through the resources on various equine topics to help improve your pasture, nutrition or waste management practices, learn more about reproduction or general health, and so much more! Also, take time to join our mailing list for the Tennessee Master Horse Program and stay tuned for more information. 


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