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Dr. Jennie L. Ivey Assistant Professor Extension Equine Specialist 



ANSC 493 - Independent Study


2506 River Drive
257 Brehm Animal Science Building
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996
Phone: (865) 974-3157
Fax: (865) 974-7297
email: jzivey@utk.edu
Website:  UTHorse





Ph.D., West Virginia University, Animal & Food Science, 2013

M. S., West Virginia University, Animal Physiology, 2011 

B. S., Rutgers University, Animal Science, 2009

Appointment: 100% Extension


Professional Interest: 

Photo collage of Jennie IveyDr. Ivey grew up in a coastal region of New Jersey, but began her career with horses through numerous 4-H projects and avid lessons, shows and training trips. She began her professional animal science career by completing a B. S. focusing on equine science at Rutgers University. Her experiences in undergraduate research led her to pursue a M. S. at West Virginia University, where she studied the effects of resveratrol on mature, moderately-exercised horses. After, Dr. Ivey elected to remain at WVU to complete a Ph.D., where her dissertation focused on the influence of weight loss on metabolic and mitochondrial function in the horse.  She has served on the Board of Directors of the Equine Science Society, was recognized as a ASAS Midwest Section Animal Science Young Scholar, along with working closely in extension based programming while in West Virginia. Based on her experiences, she elected to combine her academic training and desire to impact and educate the public with the knowledge gained through research via Extension at UT. Specifically, she strives to translate research findings into programs and education for youth and adults in order to improve equine health and well-being. 

Selected Publications  

  • Ivey, J. L.  2015.  Equine Welfare Series; The Body Condition Scoring System.  UT Extension Publication, SP 782.

  • JL Zambito, CE Nichols, K Barnes, HS Spooner, J Hollander. 2014. Influence of weight loss on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function in the mature horse. 46(S46): 30.   

  • JL Zambito, CE Nichols, K Barnes, HS Spooner, J Hollander. 2013. Novel evaluation of equine and murine skeletal muscle mitochondrial function: electron transport chain complex activity and oxygen consumption.  33(5):326.  

  • JL Zambito, HS Spooner, RM Hoffman. 2012. Effect of resveratrol supplementation on glycemic response in moderately exercised geldings. J. Anim. Sci. 90(S3): 178.  

  • NR Liburt, MN Fugaro, K Malinowski, EK Wunderlich, JL Zambito, DW Horohov, A Betancourt, RC Boston, RJ Geor, J Onishi, KH McKeever. 2012.  The effect of age and exercise training on insulin sensitivity, fat and muscle tissue cytokine profiles, and body composition of old and young Standardbred mares. Comp. Eq. Phys. 8(3):173