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Dr. Justin D. Rhinehart

Associate Professor






1000 Main Entrance Drive
PO Box 160
Spring Hill, Tennessee   37174
Phone: (931) 486-2129
Fax: (931) 486-0141





Ph.D., West Virginia University,Reproductive Physiology, 2007

M.S., University of Kentucky,Reproductive Physiology, 2003

B.S., University of Tennessee,Ag. & Extension Education, 1999

Appointment:  100% Extension 

Professional Interest: Beef Cattle Reproductive Management

Photo collage of Justin RhinehartMy objective as an Extension Specialist is to provide research-based management tools and technologies that beef cattle producers can use to improve the reproductive efficiency of their cow herds; thereby enhancing their economic viability, quality of life, and generational sustainability. To accomplish that objective, I provide continual training and updates to county-based UT Extension Agents to keep them prepared for troubleshooting, educating, and consulting about reproductive management with the beef cattle producers in their communities. I also assimilate the concerns and issues from beef cattle producers across the state to keep our research faculty informed about information that is needed but that has not yet been addressed through basic or translational research. I also participate in the translation of new research findings in reproductive physiology through field trials and demonstrations.

More specifically, I co-coordinate the Tennessee Beef Heifer Development Center and Reproductive Management Training Program. The former being a project that demonstrates the impact that correctly developing a beef heifer from weaning through the first breeding season has on its lifetime productivity as a mature cow. The Reproductive Management Training Program provides classes, for producers and veterinarians, to teach artificial insemination and reproductive ultrasonography. I also coordinate, and provide reproductive management curriculum for, the Tennessee Master Beef Producer and Original Master Beef Producer certification classes.


Selected Publications

  • Rhinehart, J., J. M. Smith, F. D. Kirkpatrick, L. G. Strickland, and G. E. Bates.  2017.  2017 beef integrated resource management calendar. UT Extension Publication 1663-2016.  UT Extension Publication 1663-2017.

  • Lewis, K.E., A.P Griffith, C. Boyer and J.D. Rhinehart. 2016. Does prepartum supplemental feed impact beef cattle profitability through finishing? J. Ag. & App. Econ. 48(2):173-191.

  • Lockwood, S.A., H. G. Kattesh, J. Rhinehart, L. G. Strickland, P. D. Krawczel, J. B. Wilkerson, F. D. Kirkpatrick, and A. M. Saxton.  2016.  Relationships among temperament, acute and chronic cortisol and testosterone concentrations, and breeding soundness during performance testing of Angus bulls.  Theriogenology, Vol. 89 140-145.

  • Lockwood, S.A., H.G Kattesh, P.D. Krawczel, F.D. Kirkpatrick, A.M. Saxton, J.D. Rhinehart and J.B. Wilkerson. 2015. Relationships of temperament, behavior, and growth during performance testing of bulls. J. Anim. Sci. 93(12):5856-5862.

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  • Rhinehart, J.D. and M.H. Poore. 2012. Opportunities for stocker cattle in the southern U.S. J. Anim. Sci. 91:501.

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