Dr. Louisa Rispoli 


Dr. Louisa Rispoli

Research Assistant Professor 




A105 Johnson Animal Research and Teaching Unit
1705 Alcoa Highway 
Knoxville, Tennessee 37920
Phone: (865) 946-1874
Fax: (865) 946-1010
email: lrispoli@utk.edu





Ph.D., Colorado State University, Reproductive Physiology, 2005

B.S., University of California, Davis, Animal Science, 1995

Professional Interest: Reproductive Physiology/Embryology & Neuroendocrinology


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In several species, fertility has declined significantly over the past several decades. Infertility in the bovine industry, both beef and dairy, is one of the costliest problems of cattle production. Many aspects of infertility and subfertility in oocytes and sperm are unknown, thus further research to gain basic knowledge is required before practical and economical applications for enhancement of fertility will be possible. As a reproductive physiologist, Dr. Rispoli has focused her long-term research goals on gaining this new knowledge through the application of molecular biology techniques to identify mechanisms in gametes essential to successful production of embryos and subsequent pregnancy and birth, particularly for improving livestock production and addressing human infertility. While reproductive technologies have been used extensively across multiple species, a better understanding of the mammalian gamete is needed for development and application of biotechnologies to improve fertility.  


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