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Dr. Maria Prado 


Dr. Maria E. Prado

Assistant Professor of Practice 




ANSC 380 - Animal Health Management (fall)

ANSC 388 - Honors: Animal Health Management (fall)

ANSC 489 - Companion and Exotic Animal Management (spring)

ANSC 493 - Independent Study

ANSC 515- Special Topics Theriogenology (fall)



2506 River Drive
237 Brehm Animal Science Building
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996
Phone: (865) 974-7242
Fax: (865) 974-7297 
email: meprado@utk.edu






Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, Veterinary Pathobiology, 2003

Residency, Oklahoma State University, Food Animal Medicine, 1998

Internship, Oklahoma State University, Large Animal Medicine & Surgery, 1994

M.V. (DVM), University of Zulia, Veterinary Medicine, 1987   


Appointment: 55% Teaching | 45% Consulting

Professional Interest: Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex and mastitis

Dr. Prado is board certified in Large Animal Internal Medicine and teaches ANSC 380/388 Animal Health Management and ANSC 489 Companion and Exotic Animal Management as a portion of her instructional responsibilities.  Maria also collaborates with faculty in Center for Environmental Biotechnology related to her research interests. 

Selected Publications

  • Almeida, R. A., O. Kerro Dego, M. E. Prado, S. I. Headrick, M. J. Lewis, L. J. Siebert, G. M. Pighetti, and S. P. Oliver.  2015.  Protective effect of anti-SUAM antibodies on Streptococcus uberis mastitis.  Journal of Veterinary Research, 46:133 

  • Prado ME, Ghosh D & Ripp SA. “Applications of bacteriophages for the control of veterinary pathogens” in Bacterial Pathogens: Virulence Mechanisms, Diagnosis and Management, Ed. NOVA Publishers. August, 2012.

  • Prado ME, Ryman JT, Boileau MJ, Martin-Jimenez T & Meibohm B. (2011) “Oral Ponazuril Pharmacokinetics in Healthy Llamas (Llama glama)” Am J Vet Res Oct;72(10):1386-9.

  • Kerro-Dego O, Prado ME, Chen X, Luther DA, Almeida RA*  and Oliver SP. (2011) pGh9:ISS1 transpositional mutations in Streptococcus uberis UT888 causes reduced bacterial adherence to and internalization into bovine mammary epithelial cells. Vet Microbiol Aug 5;151(3-4):379-85.

  • Prado ME, A. Almeida, C. Ozen, D. A. Luther, M. J. Lewis, S. I. Headrick, R. and Oliver, S. P. (2011) “Recombinant Streptococcus uberis adhesion molecule (rSUAM) induces antibodies that block adherence to and internalization of S. uberis into bovine mammary epithelial cells”. Vet Immunol Immunopath Jun 15;141(3-4):201-8.

Book Chapters

  • Prado, M. E.; 2014. Essential guides on cattle farming: Bovine Mastitis.  Book, SERVET Ed. Zaragoza, Spain. p1-66.
  • Prado ME, Ghosh D & Ripp SA. (2012). “Applications of Bacteriophages for the Control of Veterinary Pathogens”. In: Bacterial Pathogens: Virulence Mechanisms, Diagnosis and Management. Nova Science Publishers (Hauppauge, NY). August, 2012.

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