Dr. Neal Schrick 

Dr. Neal Schrick
Professor and
Department Head




ANSC 395 - Animal Health Management

ANSC 420 - Reproductive  Techniques

ANSC 493 - Independent Study in Animal Science

ANSC 494 - Animal Science Teaching Assistant

ANSC 495 - Ethics in Animal Agriculture 



2506 River Drive
250 Brehm Animal Science Building
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996
Phone: (865) 974-3139
Fax: (865) 974-7297
email: fschrick@utk.edu



Postdoc, West Virginia University, 1990-1994

Ph.D., Animal Science (Animal Physiology), Clemson University, 1990

M.S., Animal Science (Reproductive Physiology), Clemson University, 1988 

B.S., Animal Science, Oklahoma State University, 1985 

Appointment:  33.3% Research | 33.3% Teaching | 33.4% Extension 

Professional Interest: Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology   

Photo Collage with Dr. Schrick 

My research focuses primarily on reproductive physiology and endocrinology with emphasis on environmental and management factors related to embryonic/fetal mortality with assisted reproductive technologies and deviations in estrous cyclicity. During the past years, my laboratory has organized and performed studies in six distinct areas associated with reduced reproductive efficiency. Current fields of interest include: 1) embryonic/fetal loss associated with elevated uterine prostaglandin F2α, 2) testicular development and manipulation in pre-pubertal bulls, 3) reduced reproductive performance associated with clinical and subclinical mastitis, 4) reproductive alterations observed in both bulls and cows grazing endophyte-infected fescue, 5) nutritional parameters affecting pregnancy rate, and 6) economical methods of estrus synchronization and timed insemination.    


Selected Publications:

  • Stowe, HM, M Miller, MG Burns, SM Calcatera, JG Andrae, GE Aiken, FN Schrick, T Cushing, WC Bridges, and SL Pratt. 2013. Effects of fescue toxicosis on bull growth, semen characteristics, and breeding soundness evaluation. Journal of Animal Science. 91(8):3686-3692.

  • Aiken, GE, JL Klotz, JM Johnson, JR Strickland, and FN Schrick. 2013. Postgraze assessment of toxicosis symptoms for steers grazed on toxic endophyte-infected tall fescue pasture. Journal of Animal Science. 91(12):5878-588

  • Foote, AP, NB Kristensen, JL Klotz, DH Kim, AF Koontz, KR McLeod, LP Bush, FN Schrick, and DL Harmon. 2013. Ergot alkaloids from endophyte-infected tall fescue decrease reticuloruminal epithelial blood flow and volatile fatty acid absorption from the washed reticulorumen. Journal of Animal Science. 91(11):5366-5378.

  • Giordano, JO, JL Edwards, FA Di Croce, D Roper, NR Rohrbach, AM Saxton, GM Schuenemann, TM Prado, and FN Schrick. 2013. Ovulatory follicle dysfunction in lactating dairy cows after treatment with Folltropin-V at the onset of luteolysis. Theriogenology 79(8):1210–1217.

  • Rispoli, LA, RR Payton, C Gondro, AM Saxton, KA Nagle, BW Jenkins, FN Schrick, and JL Edwards. 2013. Heat stress effects on the cumulus cells surrounding the bovine oocyte during maturation: altered matrix metallopeptidase 9 and progesterone production. Reproduction 146(2):193-207. 

Book Chapters

  • Di Croce, F, AM Saxton, DE Casanova, JL Edwards, and FN Schrick.  2010.  Genetic Parameter Estimation for Embryo Transfer Traits.  Encyclopedia of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food. 1st ed. Taylor and Francis, London. Pp. 216-219.

  • Edwards, J.L. and F.N. Schrick. 2014. Cloning by somatic cell nuclear transfer. Chapter 83 in Bovine Reproduction. Editor- Richard Hopper; publication by ISUP, Inc., dba John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Submitted/Revised/In press). 

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