Reproductive Physiology  


Sustainability of farm animal production is directly dependent on animals producing live offspring in an efficient manner. Infertility-reproductive inefficiency carries significant economic consequences to all domestic livestock industries. Therefore, gaining an understanding of factors contributing to infertility is of critical importance  to maximize reproductive efficiency of domestic livestock species  Research interests of our group include efforts to improve estrous synchronization and timed insemination outcomes, determine transmission and occurrence of reproductive diseases, unravel some of the mysteries related to fetal-maternal communication, identify the mechanisms of and alleviating environmental and endogenous factors that negatively impact embryonic survival, and  improve methods for in vitro embryo production and animal cloning. Our faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students work together to provide a multifaceted approach to research reproductive problems at the whole animal, cellular and molecular level. For more information on individual faculty members research, please visit their webpage.