Master Small Ruminant Producer Program

 The Advanced Master Small Ruminant Producer program is designed to continue the educational opportunities started by the original Master Meat Goat Producer program.  The program is designed to give sheep and goat producers a combination of classroom teaching and hands-on learning experiences.  The learning sessions will provide opportunities for producers to increase knowledge and skills needed to apply management practices needed for profitability and sustainability of the sheep and goat industry. Educational sessions will be delivered by your local UT/TSU Extension county agent. 

Any sheep and goat producer is welcome to attend, even if you did not have the opportunity to attend the original Master Meat Goat Producer training sessions The Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) provides cost share assistance for long-term investments in Tennessee’s farming operations.  A current University of Tennessee Master Producer Certificate is one of the qualifications needed for producers to be eligible for the maximum 50% cost share assistance.


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Dr. Neal Schrick
2506 River Drive
250 Brehm Animal Science Building
Knoxville, Tennessee   37996

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