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The University of Tennessee has a rich tradition in Livestock Judging. Dating back to their 1962 National Championship performance, UT still carries the tradition today. Livestock Judging enables students to understand the many different aspects of production livestock. Students enhance their public speaking skills as well as their evaluation skills for livestock. UT currently attends eight contest per year. Four in the spring which include: NWSS, Denver, Colorado; Dixie National, Jackson, Mississippi; Houston Livestock Show, Houston, Texas; and the All East Contest which rotates each year. Students will also travel to four contest in the fall semester. Starting with National Barrow Show, in Austin, Minnesota; Keystone International, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; American Royal, Kansas City, Missouri; and NAILE, hosted in Louisville, Kentucky. Livestock Judging is open to all who wish to participate, and not just limited to Animal Science majors. It is recommended that students are a junior standing when they start the team. Students who wish to join the team should take ANSC 360 in order to become eligible.  


2017 UT LJT Updates

The University of Tennessee Livestock Judging Team just returned home from Jackson, Mississippi for the 29th annual Dixie National Livestock Judging Contest. The team had a successful day. The results are as follows: 4th overall Brahman Division, led by Katlyn Hardin and Morgan Cox who were announced 6th and 9th individually; 4th in the English Division led by Margo Sweeney who was announced 6th individually; 3rd in the Continental Division; 4th in the Steer Division; 4th in the Oral Reasons Division; and 4th overall team. The team came up only 3 points shy of being announce 3rd overall. Most impressively the team broke the 4500 point milestone in only their second official contest. Team members are: Morgan Cox, Katlyn Hardin, Katilyn Lewter, Margo Sweeney, Haley Webb and Cassie Womack.


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Ten Reasons Why You Should Become a Member of the Livestock Judging Team

  1. Travel the United States 
  2. Meet prestigious livestock producers from all over
  3. Evaluate some of the nation's top livestock
  4. Become a better evaluator
  5. Ability to make logical decisions
  6. Enhance your public speaking skills
  7. Build your resume
  8. Make new friends and relationships
  9. A fun way to be involved
  10. Bring success to yourself and the College


Contact Information 

Zach Bartenslager

Zach Bartenslager
2506 River Drive
268 Brehm Animal Science Building
Knoxville, Tennessee   37996
(865) 974-5068  


Support Us 

If you would like to support the Livestock Judging Team, consider a gift through UT Foundation. Use this direct link for your gift.  


2016 Team Spotlight Member

Christina Welch


Name:  Susan Cowley

Major:  Food and Agricultural Business

Rank: Junior

Hometown: Fayetteville, Tennessee


Goals after UT:
I plan to work within Tennessee agriculture in sales or analysis. I would like to return to my family farm to produce cattle and swine alongside my sister.


Favorite Contest thus far:
My favorite contest was Denver. I had never traveled that far west before. We were able to stop at multiple operations on the way and practice on high quality livestock. This was were we really grew to know each other as a team. It was a great competition and I learned so much about judging over the week.

Favorite Memory of LJT:
Working judging camp is my favorite memory. Being able to work with each other and teach youth the skills we learned was rewarding. We managed to have some fun too.


“Dreams don’t work unless you do."​