General information is available from UT's Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

It is greatly to your advantage to understand the variety in types of aid available, and to pursue the different sources of aid:

Types of Aid
In addition to scholarships, you should consider grants, loans, tax credits/deductions/special accounts, work-study or part-time work, and  summer aid.

Sources of Aid
  • The State of Tennessee supports UT Knoxville, resulting in tuition and fees that are lower than those of many other colleges and universities. In addition, the HOPE Scholarship (funded by the Tennessee Education Lottery), the Tennessee Promise Scholarship Program, and the Tennessee Pledge needs-based Scholarship provide financial resources.   

  • The University of Tennessee provides application information for more than 4,000 scholarship awards each year. These scholarships are funded from numerous internal programs as well as by the UT Alumni Association and other external organizations.   

  • The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) has a variety of scholarships paying from $600 to $4000 per year. This is one of the most successful scholarship programs on campus -- approximately 40% of undergraduate students in the College receive awards, with an average award of $1,500. In a typical year, nearly $800,000 in scholarship funds are distributed. These award rates and amounts are significantly higher than in some other colleges.    

  • The US government provides a variety of tax credits, deductions, IRA withdrawals, special accounts and other helps, as well as a work-study program.    

  • Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science awards a number of scholarships to our students each year. Most of these range from $1,000 to $2,000 per year. In recent years, nearly all applicants who have applied for aid from the department have received awards. In addition, many Biosystems students work in the department as student assistants on a variety of projects. Student assistants work side-by-side with professors on their research projects. In addition to extra income, this provides students with valuable experience related to their major.    

  • Other University departments and surrounding businesses offer part-time work.