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Study Abroad

Belgium Environmental Science and Engineering, 
Leuven, Belgium
July 1 - August 7, 2020
The "low" countries of Belgium and the Netherlands are among the leaders in the world in hydrology and in the recycling of wastes and development of alternative waste treatment methods. In this 5-week program, students will learn about the hydrologic cycle and water and waste treatment technologies and will compare U.S. and European practices and environmental policies. 
Offered by Texas A & M University's Study Abroad Office
View the Belgium Study Abroad brochure for additional information.
Nexus of Food, Energy and Water in China
Beijing, China; Changchun, China; Shenyang, China
May 12 - May 27, 2020
The southern and central regions of Northeast China are a world belt of soybean and corn production similar to Tennessee. The regions serve as the food basket of China, contributing 40% of national grain production with 8% of total population, 16% of total farmland area, and 7% of total fresh water. The regions are also the largest traditional industry base of China, contributing 35% of industry GDP before 2010. Rural economy has seen a depression as economic priorities have shifted over recent years. The program will visit and study protected agriculture, urban agriculture, ecological agriculture, and water conservation in the area.  Check out this study abroad opportunity on Vols Abroad!


An internship is a structured 10-12 week work session, usually in the summer, in which students apply the information learned in the classroom to real-life problems, while being mentored by a trained professional. Most internship are with large companies, providing students with valuable experience and a handsome salary (over $2,000 per month!).
Cooperative Education involves alternating periods of full time study and full time work. (Note that we do not currently recommend co-op participation, because of difficulties in scheduling required classes.)
Our programs encourage students to intern while in college.  Can you see yourself designing skid steer loaders for John Deere or irrigation systems in Colorado?