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The BSE senior design experience is very rewarding, as students get to work on a single real-world problem for a full academic year. A problem is chosen and the design begun in the fall semester, with the design completed and a prototype built and tested in the spring semester. The problem is usually very broad, and students make extensive use of design mentors, research staff, and a well-equipped shop in developing their design and prototype.


As examples, the senior design projects in the 2017-18 academic year were the following: 

  1. ​2nd generation biochar - Dr. Abdoulmoumine and Dr. Tyner
  2. Landfill flare heat capture for wastewater treatment - Dr. Buchanan
  3. Scuba-mapper fro deeper water - Dr. Ayers
  4. Automated plant height sensor - Dr. Wilkerson

The BSE senior design projects are entered in a national design competition, and they generally do quite well.  Examples of these include the ASABE Gunlogson Open Competition  or at the ASABE Agco Competition.

Below is a table listing the BSE Senior Design success for student participation in regional and national competitions:



2017 Gunlogson Competition                          Spokane                                                  1st Place                                                 Dr. Abdoulmoumine
Onsite biochar generation using green                                                                                                                         Dr. Tyner

2017 AGCO                                           Spokane                                              3rd Place                                           Dr. Ayers
EZ-Lift: A mechanical lift assist for
foldable roll-over protective Structures
(ROPS) project

2016 AGCO National Student Design Competition, National ASABE Annual Meeting
 1st Place Calf Health
 Dr. Wilkerson
2016 Gunlogson Environmental Design Competition, National ASABE Annual Meeting
 3rd Place Water Treatment
 Dr. Buchanan



 2015 AGCO
 New Orleans, LA
 3rd Place Finish "Squeaver"
 Dr. Yoder
 2015 Gunlogson
 New Orleans, LA
 1st Place Finish "Water Quality Analyzer"
 Dr. Ayers 



 2014 Gunlogson
 1st Place "A Low-Cost, Digital X-Ray Machine for Underdeveloped Countries"
 Dr. Wilkerson
ASABE Fountain Wars Competition, National ASABE Annual Meeting
 3rd Place Finish awarded for the best use of biological materials and the best sportsmanship award
 Dr. Tyner
 2014 EPA P3 National Design Competition in Sustainability
Washington, DC
 "Eco-friendly Additives for Biodegradation of Agricultural Mulches"
 Drs. Hayes, Debrium, Lee, and Wadsworth



 2013 AGCO
 Kansas City, MO
2nd place finish. “A systematic Approach to the Improvement of High Tunnel with Regards to their Ability to Withstand Wind” 3rd place finish. “Subclinical Mastitis Inline Detection Systems (S.M.I.D.S.)”
Dr. Hayes


Dr. Wilkerson

2012 International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition
 Peoria, IL
 23 teams competing, BESS finished in the middle of pack which was excellent, considering we had not fielded a team in several years.
2012 Gunlogson
Dallas, TX
1st Place "Vertical hydroponic masonry wall design for use in building Haitian homes"
Dr. Yoder
2012 AGCO, National ASABE Annual Meeting
Dallas, TX
1st place “Turf tire traction tester for use by a Tennessee industry”
Dr. Wilkerson
2012 Fountain Wars
Dallas, TX
1st Place Finish
Dr. Tyner



2011 AGCO
Louisville KY
3rd Place Finish “Blue Crab Nursery Design”
Dr. Ayers



2010 Gunlogson
Pittsburgh, PA
1st place finish. “Cryogenic Weed Removal System for Organic Crop Production”
Dr. Hart
2010 AGCO
Pittsburgh, PA
1st place finish. “Integrated Solar Roof System”
Dr. Tyner
2009 Gunlogson
Reno, NV
2nd Place Finish. “Optimized Recirculating Sand Filter Design”
3rd Place Finish. “A Self-Actuating Foldable ROPS Design”

Dr. Buchanan

Dr. Ayers