Logo for the Center of Renewable Carbon

The Center for Renewable Carbon (CRC) has unique resources specifically related to biofuels, biochemicals and bioproducts production and characterization.
The Biomass Chemistry Laboratory (2500 ft2) of the Center for Renewable Carbon is housed in the Plant Biotechnology Building and in the Center for Renewable Carbon (10000 ft2). In addition, a new building has been recently renovated (2010) to house the BioEnergy Science and Technology Labs (8100 ft2). A wide range of equipment to support biomass preprocessing, grinding, chopping, pretreatment, fractionation, isolation, conversion, characterization, and chemical analysis is available.
The Bioenergy Science & Technology (BeST) Laboratory offers a state of the art laboratory environment for bioenergy and bioproducts research and development. The laboratory includes new capabilities for biomass preprocessing, pretreatment research, thermochemical and biochemical conversion, and product analysis. Also, unique analytical capabilities for biomass characterization are available through a recently established partnership with Perkin-Elmer Life Sciences.