Drop Cap TPreparing the wetlandhe UTIA Cherokee Wetlands Project is directed Dr. Bobby Simpson (UTIA East Tennessee Research and Education Center [ETREC]) and Dr. Matthew Gray (UTIA Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries). UTIA ETREC welcomes requests for research, teaching and extension activities at the Cherokee Wetlands. Requests must be submitted by a UTIA or UTK faculty member, but the activity can be led by UT students, staff or faculty. Requests should be made using the Activity Request Form (NETID and password required).

Requests for teaching or outreach activities should be made at least two weeks prior to the event. Proposals are required for research activities, and requests should be made at least three months prior to the proposed start date. Research proposals will be reviewed by an Activity Use Committee composed of UTIA and UTK faculty. If activites are complimentary with ongoing activities and the mission of the Cherokee Woodlot Wetlands Project, a presentation describing the proposed research will be requested. Approved projects will be required to submit a UT AgResearch Work Plan.