The site identified for this new building is the current location of the Ellington Plant Sciences Building and Hollingsworth Auditorium located on Chapman Drive near the intersection of Chapman and Joe Johnson Drive. The Energy and Environmental Science Education Research Building will be new construction totaling approximately 157,000 gross square feet with a total project cost of $95,000,000. Also included will be a new surge building required for the temporary relocation of the current occupants of the Ellington Plant Sciences Building due to the demolition of the existing building.

The following spaces will be included in the new building:

• Research laboratories with support space.
• Teaching laboratories with prep space and specialized storage.
• Classrooms and lecture halls suitable for the most advanced pedagogy of today and designed to allow new technologies as yet not proven.
• A large auditorium to replace Hollingsworth with increased capacity to 500 people.
• Faculty offices, departmental offices, graduate student spaces, and a commons area in which vending will be provided in a comfortable setting to allow those who work within the facility or who go there to gather and exchange ideas.
• Facility support rooms such as technical offices, additional control areas, and lab support.
• Biosafety office and hazardous waste storage.
• Interactive space which includes student lounges, home bases, and lobby-type central spaces.

The new building’s primary entrance and presence will be focused toward Joe Johnson Drive. There is also a strong desire to connect the new building to the existing Plant Biotechnology Building on all levels to create a seamless community environment. This project will enhance research opportunities and capacity, improve flexibility of emerging technologies, improve quality of programs, and contribute to the economic growth and workplace development in Tennessee.