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Plant Virology
Office Location: 418 Plant Biotechnology Building
Office Phone: 865-974-1620
Ph.D., University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia. (Plant Virology)
B.S., University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran. (Plant Protection)
EPP 521 (Plant Virology)
Research Description:
Virus/host interactions with emphasis on evasion of single dominant resistance gene-mediated recognition; virus identification and characterization; characterization of etiologically unknown diseases of plant for viral origin; development of biotechnology-based diagnostic assays for plant viruses.
Representative Publications:
Khatabi, B., R.-H. Wen and M. R. Hajimorad. 2013. Fitness penalty in susceptible host is associated with virulence of Soybean mosaic virus on Rsv1-genotype soybean: a consequence of perturbation of HC-Pro and not P3. Molecular Plant Pathology 14:885-897.
Wen, R.-H., B. Khatabi, T. Ashfield, M.A. Saghai Maroof and M.R. Hajimorad. 2013. The HC-Pro and P3 cistrons of an avirulent Soybean mosaic virus are recognized by different resistance genes at the complex Rsv1 locus. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 26: 203-215. 
Khatabi, B., O.L. Fajolu, R.-H. Wen and M.R. Hajimorad. 2012. Evaluation of North American isolates of Soybean mosaic virus for gain of virulence on Rsv-genotype soybeans with special emphasis on resistance-breaking determinants on Rsv4. Molecular Plant Pathology 13: 1077-1088.
Khatabi, B., B. He and M.R. Hajimorad. 2012. Diagnostic potential of polycolonal antibodies against bacterially expressed recombinant coat protein of Alfalfa mosaic virus. Plant Disease 96:1352-1357. 
Khatabi, B., R.-H. Wen. D.E., Hershman, B.S. Kennedy, M.A. Newman and M.R. Hajimorad. 2012. Generation of polyclonal antibodies and serological analyses of nucleocapside protein of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus; A distinct soybean infecting tospovirus serotype. European Journal of Plant Pathology 133: 783-790.
Hajimorad, M.R., R.-H. Wen, A.L. Eggenberger, J.H. Hill and M.A. Saghi Maroof. 2011. Experimental adaptation of an RNA virus mimics natural evolution. Journal of Virology 85: 2557-2564.
Wen R.-H., M.A. Saghai Maroof and M.R. Hajimorad. 2011. Amino acid changes in P3, and not the overlapping pipo-encoded protein, determine virulence of Soybean mosaic virus on functionally immune Rsv1-genotype soybean. Molecular Plant Pathology 12: 799-807.
Zhou, J., S.K. Kantartzi, R.-H. Wen, M. Newman, M.R. Hajimorad, J.C. Rupe and I.E. Tzanetakis. 2011. Molecular characterization of a new tospovirus infecting soybean. Virus Genes 43: 289-295.
Fajolu O.L., R.-H. Wen, A.S., Windham, M.T., Windham and M.R. Hajimorad. 2011. Development of an RT-PCR assay to detect Hosta virus X in hosta (Hosta spp.) Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 86: 50-54.
Wen R.-H. and M.R. Hajimorad. 2010. Mutational analysis of the putative pipo of soybean mosaic virus suggests disruption of PIPO protein impedes movement. Virology 400: 1-7.


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