The department will present an award to a current Ph.D. student in plant pathology who demonstrated successful academic performance, and applied themselves through research, teaching, and service. An award of $500 will be presented at the Department’s Annual Winter Banquet. In any given year, should no nominations be received by the November 15 deadline or should none of the nominees have an outstanding academic, research and service record, the Award will not be presented.
How to Apply:
 A call for nominations is issued by the Chair of the Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships Committee ca. October 1.  The major advisor, another faculty member, or student may submit letters of nomination. The deadline for submission is for the nomination package is November 15. Nominees must not have completed their degree program at the time of presentation of the award. Nominees must not have previously received the award for which they are nominated. A copy of the nominee's vita and University of Tennessee transcript must be attached to the letter of nomination. The Scholarship Committee will review the nominations and notify the faculty of the final selection.
1.  If selected, the student must attend the department’s annual winter awards banquet.
2.  Awards will be based upon the academic, research, and service performance while serving as a member of the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at the University of Tennessee.
3.  Application packages should include:
a.  Letter of nomination
                            i.  Evidence of outstanding academic performance as a Ph.D. student
                            ii.  Evidence of significant contributions and progress in research
                                     1. Evidence includes: presentations at professional meetings, leadership, cooperation in dealing with faculty, students, staff and other researchers, publication record for students (published, in press or in review)
                             iii. Evidence of significant contributions in service and leadership to the department, college, university, nation and professional societies
                                     1. Evidence may include: participation in committees, departmental functions, seminars, lecturer series, Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, Commodity meetings, etc.
b. Applicant letter summarizing academic background, research, and future goals
c. Applicant CV and University of Tennessee transcript