Phone and Email Directory for the

Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology:  

Faculty and Specialist ​ ​ ​ ​
​Dr. Dewayne Shoemaker ​Department Head ​865-974-7955
​Dr. Ernest Bernard ​Professor ​865-974-7947
​Dr. Jerome Grant ​Professor ​865-974-0218
Dr. ​Denita Hadziabdic-Guerry ​Research Assistant Professor ​865-974-7135
​Dr. Kimberly Gwinn ​Associate Professor ​865-974-1620
​Dr. Reza Hajimorad ​Associate Professor ​865-974-1620
​Dr. Frank Hale ​Professor ​615-835-4571
​Dr. Juan Jurat-Fuentes ​Associate Professor ​865-974-5931
​Dr. Heather Kelly ​Assistant Professor ​731-425-4713
​Dr. Paris Lambdin ​Professor ​865-974-7952
​Dr. Kurt Lamour ​Professor ​865-974-7954
​Dr. John Kevin Moulton Associate Professor ​865-974-7950
​Dr. Bonnie Ownley ​Professor/Graduate Director ​865-974-0219
​Dr. Pat Parkman Research Assistant Professor ​865-974-0217
​Dr. John Skinner ​Professor ​865-974-0209
​Dr. Scott Stewart ​Professor ​731-425-4709
​Dr. Meg Staton ​Assistant Professor ​865-974-7135
​Dr. Robert Trigiano ​Professor ​865-974-0221
​Dr. Becky Trout Fryxell ​Assistant Professor ​865-974-8824
​Dr. Karen Vail ​Professor ​865-974-7138
​Dr. Phillip Wadl ​Research Associate Professor ​865-974-7135
​Dr. Greg Wiggins ​Research Assistant Professor ​865-974-6405
​Dr. Alan Windham ​Professor ​615-835-4572
​Dr. Mark Windham ​Distinguished Professor ​865-974-0206
Research Staff​ ​ ​ ​
​Heba Abdelgaffar ​Post Doc ​865-974-5931
​Mohamed Alburaki ​Post Doc ​731-425-4718
​Sarah Boggess ​Research Specialist II ​865-974-7135
​Alex Bruce ​Research Specialist II ​865-974-7135
​Marsha Buie ​Extension Program Assistant ​731-425-4720
​Jennifer Chandler ​Research Specialist III ​865-974-2711
​Wesley Crowder ​Agricultural Service Assistant I ​731-424-1643
​James Dee ​Research Associate I ​865-974-8002
​Mary E. Dee ​Research Associate II, Safety Officer ​865-974-4982
​Dr. Darrell Hensley
​Extension Specialist III ​865-974-7958
​Binbin Lin ​Post Doc ​731-425-4713
​Chris Maguigan ​Program Assistant III ​865-974-1286
​Marjorie Mckee ​Research Specialist II ​865-274-8003
​David Paulsen ​Research Associate II ​865-974-7138
​Sandra Steckel Extension Assistant I ​731-425-4701
​Matthew Williams ​Research Spcialist I ​731-425-4709
​Michael Wilson ​Extension Specialist ​865-974-5467
Administrative Staff​ ​ ​ ​
​Kimberly Campbell ​Business Manager ​865-974-3432
​Soyna Dexter ​Accounting Assistant III ​865-974-7949
​Arlene King
​Accounting Specialist
​ ​865-974-7953
Derrick Turman
​Communications Specialist II ​865-974-3187
​Chris Maguigan ​Administrative Specialist ​865-974-7135
​Gena Pancake ​Administrative Support Specialist 731-426-0420
​Kahlie Singletary ​Administrative Support Assistant II 615-832-6550
​Angie Thorne ​Administrative Support Assistant III ​731-425-4735

​ ​


This is a quick directory that contains faculty and staff's phone numbers and emails.
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