​Dixie Daniels winner of two scholarships and for receiving an undergraduate research internship.
Congratulations to Dixie Daniels, a junior majoring in forest resource management, working with Dr. Mark Windham and Dr. Denita Hadziabdic on population genetics of Thousand Cankers Disease complex, for winning two scholarships; Dr. Ray Wells Memorial Scholarship and the Railroad Tie Association (RTA) John Mabry Forestry Scholarship.  Dixie is also the recipient of an undergraduate research internship for her work in lab on a project called:  To the vector go the spoils:  Identifying wood-boring beetle vectors and fungal pathogens associated with Thousand Cankers Disease complex. 
We would like to congratulate Dixie Daniels on her many accomplishments!
Information taken from email correspondence with Dr. Dr. Denita Hadziabdic