Quick Facts

  • Also known as cluster caterpillar, common cutworm, cotton leafworm, tobacco cutworm, tobacco caterpillar, and tropical armyworm

Species Facts:

Rice Cutworm, Spodoptera litura, is a polyphagous pest of vegetables and field crops. The degree of risk that the pest poses to US agriculture and ecosystems remains somewhat uncertain. In pathway-initiated risk assessments, this insect was judged moderately to highly likely of establishing in the US should it be introduced; the consequences of its establishment were considered moderate to severe (Lightfield 1996, Ogden and Podleckis 2000). Differences in judgments of risk primarily relate to the perceived dispersal potential of the insect and its ability to find a host.

Portions of this article courtesy of: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Image of a Rice Cutworm (Photo from: www.bugwood.org Credit to: Clemson University- USDA Cooperative Extension)