Quick Facts

  • Caterpillars of this species are yellow with a brown head
  • Adult moth has brown forewings with white patches and white wings with an irregular brown border
  • Forewings are grayish-brown, but whiter toward coastal margin
  • Wingspan of about two centimeters
  • Found in tropics: Africa, Hawaii, India, Taiwan, and the northern half of Australia

Species Facts:

The Soybean Pod Borer, Maruca vitrata, caterpillars are a considerable agricultural pest, feeding inside the developing seedpods of various members of the family FABACEAE, such as: Pidgeon Peas, Cajanus cajan; Beans, Phaseolus vulgaris; Garden Peas, Pisum sativum; and Cowpeas, Vigna unguiculata.

Portions of this article courtesy of: Global Invasive Species Database
Image of Soybean Pod Borer feasting on a Soy Bean stalk (Photo from www.bugwood.com Credit to: Merele Shepard, Gerald R. Camer, and P.A.C. Carner and P.A.C. Opi)