The Insect and Plant Disease Control Manual (Redbook) contains information on the preventative and control measure of various insects and diseases.  

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Students Beekeeping 


  Forage Crops
Forage Crops ​

InsecticidesInsecticides & Miticides Table


Posion ControlPoison Control Contacts


Grain Silo  Stored Grain


Various Fruits 

Fruits & Nuts

Lawn and Turf 

Redbook Order From

Redbook Order Form


fungicide and nematicide.png 

Fungicide & Nematicides Table




soil plant and pest center.png


 Soil Plant and Pest Center

Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

Trees , Shrubs and Flowers

Distance Diagnostics 

Distance Diagnostics

Pest Detection (Homeland Security) Homeland Security

Pesticide Safety 

Pesticide Safety ​





Urban Wildlife Management 

Urban Wildlife Management



Fire Ants 

Fire Ants


Household and Structural (Bedbug Picture) 

Household and Structural

Pesticide Safety and Education Program 

Pesticide Safety Education Program

PSEP Extension Resources

Small Grain 






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