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There are five types of membership:
1) Original Membership - Any person designated at the organizational meeting of the Society to occupy the status of "member" shall be considered as and be a Charter Member.
2) Student Member - Student membership is open to students enrolled in any educational institutions and meeting the requirement of the Board of Directors.
3) Regular Member - Any person who is interested in entomology.
4) Sustaining Membership - is open to commercial or industrial organizations upon meeting the approval and requirements of the Board of Directors.
5) Honorary Membership - Honorary Members may be selected from time to time by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

    Membership is open to everyone interested in entomology - whether you are employed with a federal or state agency, public or private college or university, industry, or private business - whether you are a researcher, regulator, teacher, student, or just are interested in insects - whether you are a professional or amateur entomologist. We extend to you an invitation to join the Tennessee Entomological Society. We are a group truly interested in all phases of entomology.


Tennessee Entomological Society Membership Form: Membership Form​

         Contains information about membership dues and registrations fees.