The Tennessee Pest Management Network is a component of the Southern IPM Center.

Tennessee's Pest Management Information Network:

Tennessee is assisting the Southern Region Integrated Pest Management Center (SRIPMC) by connecting a diverse array of people who have an interest in pest management policy and implementation throughout the US. Individuals include pest management users (farmers, nurserymen, park and turf managers, building superintendents, pest control operators, homeowners, gardeners, and others), consumer and environmental groups, governmental regulatory agencies, researchers, and educators. Communications channels will be effective only if all parties can consistently access similar reliable and updated information. Research-based information is essential to our ability to make sound pest management decisions in any context, from a backyard garden to national regulatory offices. Tennessee is working with the support of PMCs and USDA, by contributing to building a comprehensive database that eventually will hold all kinds of scientifically tested pest management information. This database will be available on the World Wide Web for use by anyone and may be found by visiting

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