Listed below are just a few helpful hints that may provide some additional assistance when troubleshooting plant related problems.

Additional Educational Resources
Insect Identification

Plant Disease and Insect Identification

Aids for Plant Disease Identification
Weed Identification and Herbicide Injury Recognition
Poisonous Plants
Microscopes and Magnification: sources
  • Martin Microscope Our labs have purchased several (Meiji and Motic) scopes from this company.
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Fisher Scientific - Before you Buy Guide in PDF format
  • Carolina Biological Supply
  • Great Scopes
  • Spectrum Technologies, Inc. inexpensive scopes (IPM Scope and Macroscope) and other field tools.
  • iLoupe
  • Aven Five pocket-sized microscopes provide internal light for bright, clear examination of small objects. A clear acrylic base lets ambient light reach examined objects. Aven’s flip-open illuminated model, with an angled viewing tube, has 40x magnification and a measuring range of up to 4 mm. Three other battery-operated illuminated pocket scopes have 20x, 30x, and 50x magnification, respectively. The product line also includes a pen-sized 25x scope with a pocket clip and a metric-measurement glass reticle.

Alerts and Alert Tools

Other sites

Assistance with Control
GPS Coordinates and Mapping tools
  • Bing Maps Maps and driving directions
  • MapQuest Maps and driving directions
  • Digital Topo Maps Free printouts
  • Mytopo Topography
  • GPS Visualizer is a free, easy-to-use online utility that creates maps and profiles from GPS data (tracks and waypoints, including GPX files), street addresses, or simple coordinates. Use it to see where you've been, plan where you're going, or visualize geographic data (business locations, scientific observations, events, customers, real estate, geotagged photos, etc.).
Connectivity on the Road
Sharing Digital Images

(various websites for sharing your images)

  • Pros - Free, slide show, music
  • Cons -
 Facebook a social network, which allows you to share images within the network, as well as outside the network.
  • Pros - person viewing does not have to have an account (images must be sent to them via facebook), FREE, allows comments/descriptions.
  • Cons - image size may be reduced in size by facebook, images have been known to be removed from site without warning, no image altering tools.
  • Pros - FREE, allows 90-seconds of video uploads
  • Cons - difficult to learn, default setting is public, limited storage and image size.
 Fotki Free but cost $2.00 for some services
  • Pros - FREE, 50MB of storage, visitor statistics, geotagging, slideshows.
  • Cons - no editing software, no face recognition, no video uploads.
  • Pros - FREE, allows short-video clips along side of photos, unlimited archive of high-res original photos, slideshows with music.
  • Cons - disconnect between online app and download app.
  • Pros - FREE, lots of storage, unlimited video uploads within storage limit, sales sites, blogs, editing tool.
  • Cons - many ads, no drag and drop uploading, no face or geotagging, no straighten toos, bulk upload tool downsizes pictures, video, limited video editing, no full-scree view for slideshows and/or movies.
 Picasa Free
  • Pros - FREE, geotagging in web albums, new blemish removal tool, improved red-eye removal, support for RAW camera files, syncs local edits with online images.
  • Cons - atypical interface may confuse users
 Webshots has much stock photography for use in your own projects for a modiest price.
  • Pros - FREE, lots of storage space.
  • Cons - Ads in free accounts, no real image editing/optimizing, no face or geo-tagging, No image editing beyond rotate and crop.
  • Pros - FREE, excellent organization of photos, easy uploading, automatic face tagging, excellent panorama creation.
  • Cons - no geotagging, no help with screen capture, people tagging trails, limited slideshow and special photo-effect options, no blemish remover, unsupported camera RAW formats.
Specimen Storage for Display and Preservation

Other Useful Equipment