Development of native plants for the landscape and homeowners.  Native plants often have  fewer problems with disease, insect pests and are well- adapted to local and regional environments. Pictured is a Tennessee native plant.
Dogwood breeding program at University of Tennessee.  The aim of our program is to develop new cultivars with superior horticultural traits, which include disease resistance, more attractive bracts and foliage, including color and size, and adapted to climate change.  Photo is Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Brave’  product of Commercial nursery, Decherd, TN. 
Biotechnology of ornamental plants. Our program aims to develop tissue culture systems for ornamental plants. Pictured is micropropagation of Cornus florida.



Genomic of woody ornamental plants.  Our aim is to develop molecular marker systems for cultivar development, determining genetic diversity and population anaylses. 

Development of molecular markers for the downy mildews.  Our program aims to develop SSR (Simple Sequence Repeats) markers for studies of genetic diversity, population structure and epidemiology of several downy mildew genera.