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Disclaimer Statement

Disclaimer Statement
  • Pesticides recommended in this publication were registered for the prescribed uses when printed.
  • Pesticide regulations are continuously reviewed.
  • Should registration or a recommended pesticide be canceled, it would no longer be recommended by The University of Tennessee.
  • Use of trade or brand names in this publication is for clarity and information; it does not imply approval of the product to the exclusion of others that may be of similar, suitable composition, nor does it guarantee or warrant the standard of the product. 


Precautionary Statement 

  • To protect people and the environment, pesticides should be used safely. 
  • This is everyone's responsibility, especially the user.
  • Read and follow label directions carefully before you mix, apply store or dispose of a pesticide.
  • According to laws regulating pesticides, they must be used only as directed by the label.
  • Persons who do not obey the law will be subject to penalties.

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Information and Images provided by: Dr. Frank Hale (UTK)