​Kimberly J. Whitlock winner of Best Student Poster at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Nematologists.
Kimberly J. Whitlock wins Best Student Poster at
52nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Nematologist

Kimberly J. Whitlock
, Graduate Research Assistant in the Entomology & Plant Pathology M.S. program, received the Best Student Poster award at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Nematologists, (SON) held June 14-17, 2013, in Knoxville. Kimberly’s poster was entitled “A Non-Pathogenic Inquiline, Kleptoparasitic Fungus Inhabiting The Intestine Of Rhabditid Nematodes.” This association of fungus and nematode is unique; it features spiral growth of fungal mycelium inside the nematode intestine without causing noticeable harm. Her co-authors were E. C. Bernard, B. H. Ownley, and A. Bruce. E. C. Bernard is Kimberly’s major professor. Student poster and oral paper awards in SON are not divided into separate M.S. and Ph.D. competitions, so the poster competed against those of several Ph.D. students from other institutions. Stop by the poster displays on the first floor of Plant Biotech near Ellington and see this award-winning research poster!
 Information and Photograph provided by E.C. Bernard (UTK)