What's Grow More, Give More?

Grow More, Give More is service project of the UT Institute of Agriculture and the Society of St. Andrew focused on feeding the hungry locally with an aim to reduce food waste. We are asking members of the institute and community to plant extra in their gardens or purchase produce to help feed the hungry.

To take part, bring your produce donations to the institute each Wednesday through Oct. 23. Produce will be collected and taken to area agencies to provide healthy and nutritious meals to the people they serve. Donations will be shared among many local agencies.

Why produce?

Agencies that feed the hungry say they have a real need for donations of fresh produce to supplement canned and other packaged food staples. Through Grow More, Give More, contributions of other kinds of food are also welcome.

Join in this Wednesday!
Take your donation to the big green tent at the UT Farmers Market from 4 to 7 p.m. It's that easy!
Grow More, Give More, Learn More!
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