The UTIA Web Advisory Committee (WAC) is pleased to announce the completion and official approval of the UTIA Web Guidelines and Best Practices. The purpose of this document is to provide direction for the development of Institute-related websites that are visually attractive, informative, user-friendly, and are in compliance with the branding and the security strategies of the Institute of Agriculture.

The guidelines are the result of months of hard work by the members of WAC. The committee is comprised of members from all areas of UTIA, including associate deans and personnel from the units, the departments and from information technology services and marketing and communications. The committee’s focus is to address needs within the area of website development to ensure the UTIA web presence is of consistent, excellent quality.

Everyone who is planning a website or who maintains a current site must read and comply with the policies contained in this important document. Adherence to these website policies is required of every UTIA website hosted on a UT server. It is important that all our websites follow UTIA branding and security initiatives, are consistent in their visual format, and contain current and essential information to meet the needs of our audiences and clientele.

The guidelines can be found on the UTIA ITS website by clicking on the right-hand button titled Guidelines & Policies or on the main UTIA homepage by selecting Faculty & Staff on the top menu bar and clicking on UTIA Web Guidelines and Best Practices from the drop-down menu. If you have any problems accessing the document, please contact Lynne Scott.