Aerial Applicator of PesticidesWhat do aerial applicators need in order to apply pesticides via aircraft?

  1. Pass the certification exam in the category of application (examples below).

    • C1 — Agriculture (cost of $15, paid to Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture [TDA]).

    • C2 — Forestry (cost of $15, paid to TDA).

    • C3 — Right-of-Way (cost of $15, paid to TDA).

  2. Pass the licensing exam in AER (exam fee is $15, paid to TDA).

  3. Obtain proof of $100,000 minimum of liability insurance and provide to TDA.

  4. Provide TDA a copy of the FAA license, and TDA will take a photo after passing the exams.

  5. Pay $200 pilot fee (paid to TDA).

  6. Pay $150 per aircraft (paid to TDA), decal to be placed on each aircraft. Please read Procedure to Obtain Aerial Applicators License and Aircraft Decal.

Forms for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) are as follows:


To prepare for examinations, we recommend you purchase and study the following training manuals:

  1. Certification Training Manuals

    • You will need the category that you will be working in, such as category01, 02 and/or 06.

    • Your will also need the Core Manual, PB1109, "Applying Pesticides Correctly"

  2. Licensing Training Manual

    • You will need AER — Aerial PB1701

    • We recommend purchasing a copy of TLR — Tennessee Laws & Regulations