UT Extension Publications
UT Extension Publications are authored by specialists with UT Extension, the off-campus educational unit of the Institute of Agriculture. With an office in every county, Extension brings educational programs and research-based information to the citizens of Tennessee. UT Extension provides publications to the general public that can be downloaded for free on a variety of topic areas, such as animals and livestock; human nutrition and health; money management; home garden, lawn; and landscape; insects, pests and plant diseases; marketing and value-added agriculture; and many other areas.

AgResearch Reports and Bulletins

AgResearch Reports and Bulletins are available in the areas of agronomic variety trials; agricultural economics; entomology and plant pathology; and forestry, wildlife, and fisheries.


Tennessee Land, Life and Science
Tennessee Land, Life and Science is a biannual magazine that explores the people, programs and Real. Life. Solutions. of the UT Institute of Agriculture.

Common Ground
Common Ground is Tim Cross' monthly e-newsletter for the UT Institute of Agriculture. Common Ground is published for UTIA employees and friends and shares Institute news, events, and achievements.

UT Gardens Magazine

Cultivate, the magazine of the UT Gardens, is published twice yearly, providing information for gardeners of all skill and interest levels. The UT Gardens performs variety trials each year, and the top performers are printed annually in the spring edition.

Vol Vet Vision
Vol Vet Vision is a publication of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. This yearly magazine explores the research, teaching, and outreach services of the College.