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Evaluation Tools

Evaluation is determining the value or worth of the educational programs you deliver. Evaluation is typically based on the outcomes targeted in the educational programs. Outcomes are results. What happened to the target audience because they participated in the Extension program? How are homes, workplaces, farms and communities better because of Extension programs? These are the questions we address when we evaluate our programs. Please use these tools to gain evaluation ideas, and please contact Joseph Donaldson ( if you have specific program evaluation needs.

Learning About Evaluation


Economic Impact Calculators

  • Economic Impact Calculator for Commercial Horticulture Programs (.pdf)
  • Economic Impact Calculator for Home Horticulture Programs (.pdf)
  • Fruit and Vegetable Production Valuation (Dr. Natalie Bumgarner) (.xlsv)
  • Home Gardening Valuation (Dr. Natalie Bumgarner) (.pdf)

Program Evaluation Network

  • Program Evaluation Network (PEN) User's Guide (.pdf)
  • The UT Extension Program Evaluation Network includes a sampling guideline that if 100 or fewer people are served in a program, it is best to survey all 100. If more than 100 are served, then a random sample of 20% may be drawn with the results generalized to the entire population served. For research purposes, the following article may be helpful: Krejcie, R.V. and Morgan, D.W. (1970). Determining sample size for research activities. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 30, 607-610. In Barrick, R. K., et al. (no date). Measurement and Analysis in Descriptive Research. The Ohio State University. (.pdf)

Sample Surveys

  • 4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology Questionnaire (.pdf)
  • Beef Questionnaire (.pdf)
  • Extension Programs Evaluation - General Form (G. Willems, 2010) (.pdf)
  • Forages Questionnaire (.pdf)
  • Forages Research Data from Dr. Gary Bates (.pdf)
  • Home Safety Survey (.pdf)
  • Horse Health Survey (.pdf)
  • Master Gardener Questionnaire (Intermediate) (.pdf)
  • TNCEP Coalition Survey (.pdf)
  • Commercial Landscape Management Survey (.pdf)


National 4-H Science: Building A 4-H Career Pathway Initiative Evaluation Tools


Extension Professional Development