Photo of Ashley Harris
​Ashley Harris, athletic academic coordinator at North Dakota State University and ALEC graduate.
Ashley Harris graduated from the ALEC graduate program in May 2014 with a 3.95 GPA. She was also a member of Gamma Sigma Delta – the Honor Society of Agriculture. Ashley majored in agricultural communications with an emphasis in intercollegiate athletics. She is now the athletic academic coordinator at North Dakota State University, where she tracks the academic progress of student athletes for NCAA eligibility for six sports. Ashley primarily works with men’s basketball, men’s track, volleyball, men’s golf, women’s golf, and women’s soccer and communicates academic matters with athletic administration, coaches, faculty, and students. Ashley shares, “I am now within a career that I love and am often asked about my graduate degree in ALEC. I explain it as a multi-faceted program that allows students to engage in learning different facets of leadership, education and communication. When employers see that I am a multifaceted individual who has taken a variety of courses in three different but essential areas, it is not only impressive but intriguing.”
Ashley’s responsibilities include meeting with student athletes weekly or bi-weekly to monitor their progress, evaluating transfer eligibility for any incoming transfer student-athletes, promoting academic and life-skill development and coordinating the Athletic Academic Academy Awards for student-athletes to be recognized for their outstanding academic achievements.
“The outstanding thing about ALEC is that is also allows freedom for a student to explore another interest if that is what they desire. My interest happened to be athletics, and in addition to taking classes in Leadership, Education and Communications, I was able to take classes in my interest and gain more knowledge within the athletic field. With my degree in ALEC, it has truly allowed me to become the educator, the advocate, and a multifaceted resource for the student-athletes at North Dakota State University.”