PEAG Working Group


Production Economics Analysis Group

The Production Economics Analysis Group (PEAG) was established in 2000. in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics. PEAG seeks to evaluate alternative agricultural production and marketing systems that have the potential to enhance net farm income, economic development, and the environment in rural Tennessee. We employ collaborative relationships in our work by partnering with scientists in other disciplines, other universities, local agencies and organizations, and graduate student assistants.

PEAG conducts economic analysis research including:

  • Adoption of precision agriculture technologies in crop production
  • Alternative cropping systems including conservation tillage, winter cover crops, fertilizer practices, irrigation, and other practices on the profitability and riskiness of crop production.
  • Animal health
  • Bioenergy crop production and logistics
  • Crop marketing including futures, options, and marketing contracts
  • Environmentally sustainable technologies in fruit and vegetable production at the farm level
  • Decision aids to evaluate investment in agricultural technologies

  • Disease and producer efficiency and income
  • Farm financial analysis
  • Farm level biosecurity decision making
  • Impact of policy on agriculture
  • Marketing opportunities for beef cattle producers
  • Production and marketing decisions on the profitability and riskiness for small farms within local food systems
  • Value of horn fly resistant cattle
  • Valuation of performance tested bulls
  • Weed resistance to herbicides and weed resistance management in crop production

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