Tennessee Beef Evaluation

Tennessee Beef Evaluation

The Farmer-to-Farmer Connection

The Tennessee Beef Evaluation is an educational program for cow/calf producers to learn about the finishing and packing segments of the beef industry. The program is designed for cow/calf producers who are not able on their own to send a load of cattle to be finished in a custom feedlot.

How the program works

  • Shipments are coordinated through University of Tennessee Extension Agents and Specialists
  • Loads of 48,000 to 50,000 pounds of cattle from multiple producers are gathered and shipped to Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity member feedlots in Southwest Iowa
  • Risk management plans are developed for both corn and cattle
  • Cattle are fed for approximately 150 days and harvested through the Tyson packing plant in Denison, Iowa
  • Feedlot performance and carcass data is gathered and analyzed on individual animals and provided to the producers
    • Example performance and carcass data

Program requirements

  • All calves must be weaned a minimum of 45 days and have required health program prior to shipment
  • Producers must consign their cattle (minimum of 5 head) by completing necessary forms and paying $20 per head consignment fee (applied to feed bill)
    • Consignment forms

For additional information, contact Andrew Griffith.

What have producers said about the program and what they have learned

  • I now precondition all my calves before I sell them.
  • I've changed sires in order to improve quality of my cattle through genetics.
  • TBE has reinforced the importance of a sound health program.
  • I have changed from using killed respiratory vaccines to all modified-live vaccines.
  • You will learn how to manage your cattle before they go to the feedlot.
  • Very detailed data gained to help improve your herd.
  • You will learn about carcass traits of your cattle.
  • You will gain a better appreciation of other segments of the industry.
  • It is an opportunity to take advantage of superior genetics.