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In April, our 2018 National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) team traveled to Kansas City, Missouri, where they competed against more than thirty student land-grant NAMA chapters from across the United States and Canada. The students conducted market research, wrote the marketing plan, and developed the presentation, which they presented formally in Kansas City before a judging panel consisting of marketing and agribusiness professionals.
In preparation for the competition, our NAMA team visited crop production  eld days and the seed treatment and development center for Beck’s Hybrids in Atlanta, Indiana. They also presented to and received feedback from the Southeast chapter of NAMA in Duluth, Georgia, and the marketing sta  of the Shelton Group in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Our NAMA team chose a project they branded as INITIATE, a seed treatment containing multiple strains of mycorrhizal fungi, which increases nutrients available to the host plant, prevents infection from parasites, and can help increase yield and reproductive success of the crop. INITIATE is designed to be mixed with water and coated directly onto corn, soybeans, winter wheat, and cotton seed.
UT’s NAMA team advanced to the semi nals where they placed in the top 12 at the national student competition. Congratulations, team!
  University of Tennessee, Knoxville
National Agri-Marketing Association Student Competition 2018
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