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 Photo by T. Salvador
Congratulations to this year’s Farm Credit scholars who will bene t from tuition assistance, customized coursework, mentoring opportunities, and a Farm Credit internship. Pictured above, from left to right, are Hailey Rose Viars; Cora Beth Key; John Calvin Bryant; Madison Kilbarger, majoring in food and agricultural business; and Erin Bacon.
Spring/Summer 2018
“I love learning from farmers, distributors, and consumers along the farm-to-table supply chain, and I am excited to synthesize multiple points of view to evaluate producer pro tability, analyze market opportunities, and develop a greater perspective of the grass-fed beef market.”
ANR Extension Intern
Junior, Industrial Engineering
Minor, International Agriculture & Natural Resources
ARE is hosting ANR Extension intern Madelaine Bayless, who will have the opportunity to analyze marketing opportunities and pro tability of grass-fed beef in Tennessee. Gaining hands- on experience, she will travel to several grass-fed production farms and visit with locally sourced restaurants and retail stores to discuss the grass-fed supply chain.
Madelaine is interested in urban agriculture and developing e ective supply chains, while stimulating the development of new agricultural production practices.
She will work directly with ARE Greever Chair David Hughes and Extension specialist Hannah Wright.
In addition to being a student, she also works with a nonpro t, after-school program for kids in a low-income area of Knoxville, where she leads a class of twelve third-grade students.
She enjoys running, hiking, biking, and backpacking in the Smoky Mountains. She also likes to garden and cook and is passionate about where her food comes from.

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