Canine Scent Detectors

·   National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association

·   National Pest Management Association Bed Bug Scent Detection Canine Teams Section of the BMPs

Heat Generating Equipment for Professionals

·     Chromalox (Massey Services Study)

·     Temp Air

·     ThermaPureHeat

·     Pest-Heat

·     Bed Bugs: Container Fumigation and Heat Treatment

·  Insect Inferno -- mobile trailer unit

Mattress Encasings
·     Mattress Safe

Monitoring Devices

  ·    ClimbUp Insect Interceptor 

 ·    "Do-It Yourself" Dry Ice Trap (Heed safety warning about dry ice causing skin injury) 

 ·    Do-It-Yourself DIY Bed Bug Monitors: Creating a Trap Around the Bed Leg

  ·    LightsOut BedBug Detector

 -  SenSci Volcano and Activ

 Snow CO2 

   ·    Cryonite or Cryonite Services

·    Terminix International Rapid Freeze (cryonite service)

Steam Equipment

·    Therma-steam Vapor System (Therma-Kleen)