Academic Year:  2013-2014
Name:  Robert Trigiano                                         
Department:  Entomology & Plant Pathology
UTIA Appointment: Professor
Student: Plant Science
Student Department: 
Title of Student Project: Extracellular Enzymes of Fungi that cause Berry rot of Muscadine Grapes

Poplawski, L.E., D.J. Gray and R. N. Trigiano. 2014.  Assessment of extracellular enzymes produced by fungi isolated from muscadine grapes. HortScience 49: ( in press).

Trigiano, R.N. and L. E. Poplawski. 2015. Extracellular enzymes produced by fungi and bacteria.  PP.  In: Ownley, B.H. and R. N. Trigiano (Eds.). Plant Pathology Concepts and Laboratory Exercises, Third Edition.  CRC Press, LLC. Boca Raton, Florida. (in press)

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Student: Laura Poplaski

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Mentor: Robert Trigiano