National Institute of Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS)
Faculty Member
Title of project
Student Participants
Shigetoshi Eda & Melissa Kennedy
Modeling animal disease from coronavirus
Brittany Hale, Kevin Hoang, Kathryn Schaber, & Hunter Rice
David Buehler
Automatic detection of rare birds from audio recordings
Nicole Bender, Christian Mason, & Sunil Shahi
Cristina Lanzas
Modeling the environmental transmission of infectious diseases: Escherichia coli transmission in cattle
Jocelyn Keung, Monica Napoles, & Michael Vella
Kimberly Gwinn
Modeling the effects of constituent monoterpenes of Monarda on
sporulation and germ tube growth of Beauveriabassiana
Frances Hall, Jessica Welch, & Dawn Woodard
Cristina Lanzas
Modeling Salmonella transmission in swine
Elena Crosley, Arielle Nivens, & Ilan Rubin
Shigetoshi Eda
Agent-based mathematical model for Johne's disease epidemiology and economy
Sarah Bogen, Jessica Robins, Annette Westhoek, & ,Auldon Francis
Kimberly Gwinn
The effect of borneol on spore germination and germ tube growth of the entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveriabassiana
Rojin Chitrakar, Shreejaya Shrestha, & Christa Wisniewski1
John New
Modeling the feral cat population in Knox County, TN
Lindsay Lee, Nathan Robl, &
An Nguyen
Cristina Lanzas
Dynamics of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli in Cattle
Rachel Johnson, Daniel Haycraft, Brooke Daniel, & Shaniell Nelson
Kimberly Gwinn
Modeling the effects of cymene on the distribution of germination and growth of Beauveria bassiana
Luong Nguyen, Dubravka Bodiroga,& Reka Kelemen,
Shigetoshi Eda
Modeling Johne’s disease
Tyler Massaro, Guang Yang, Meredith Spence, Crystal Drakes, Rachel Johnson, & Ashutosh Wadhwa
John New
Dog and cat population dynamics
Steve Rekant, Ejebagom Ojogbo, Janelle Scott, & Evan Lancaster
Kimberly Gwinn
Modeling monoterpenesynthesis in ‘Croftway Pink’
Taylor Atchley, Kim Dunn, Steve Fassino, & Ginger Sills
Agricola Odoi
Modeling predictors of geographic distribution of Campylobacter infections in East Tennessee
Kerri Coon, Cameron Auker, Paige Brown, & Crystal DeGroot
Graham Hickling
Modeling and control of tick-borne diseases
Crystal Bennet, James Nance, Twyla Benally,& Laura Bahorich
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